Unique Wellbeing Life Coaching

Unique Wellbeing Life Coaching creates the opportunity for you as a woman to explore and discover your unique God-given purpose. You will unearth negative and limiting beliefs which present obstacles and emotional barriers that block your progress and stop you from living your unique life that no one but you can live. Unique Wellbeing Life Coaching will help you tackle energy drainers such as fear, unnecessary stress, doubt, judgements and procrastination (which is said to be the thief of time). The coaching session will incorporate skilful questioning, affirmations and various coaching tools and exercises to enable you to work towards creating your own unique reality and live your dream life.

Unique Team Connections

Unique Team Connections provides coaching for your business that will utilise great potential throughout your team. Through Unique Team Connections coaching, each team member will gain a greater understanding of what makes each other tick. They will make a unique connection that will help to improve collaborative working, improve communication and successful productivity. This journey will begin with your requirements after we have met and end with the results Unique Team Connections can deliver.

Unique Family Coaching

Unique Family Coaching equips you with tools that you can utilise to bring unity and harmony using your families own unique rituals and bonds. If you have a history of crippling repetitive baggage that you are ready to release I am able to help you.

Yvette is available for:

Various events & functions