Hi Yvette Pearce here Emotional Wellbeing Coach and creator of Unique Coaching for You.
My God given purpose is to serve, embrace and encircle women as they decide to venture on their emotional journey, giving themselves permission to release the painful past that cannot serve their bright future. Our emotions are with us for a purpose. They are there to help us navigate through the good times and the bad times in our lives. There are times when we don’t acknowledge our emotions or better still we don’t give voice to the emotions we truly feel, and those are the times we experience the greatest pain and blockage.

My journey took me down a road where I believed that it was selfish to show an emotion that did not firstly agree with all who was present mainly the adults, and secondly if it was going to cause someone else pain, you just shut it down …shut it down …SHUT…IT…DOWN!

How I felt was of no importance. Rejection and silence of truth became my best friends. I carried this emotional cart of pain, fear, resentment, frustration and anger that didn’t serve me…until I had my first two children which 10 years later became 3 beautiful children. Becoming a mother changed my life. I poured all I could into them, without the emotional baggage of my past and gave my children a voice and words for their emotions which I felt I never had.

I began digesting information from books by John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Buzon, Myles Monroe and Fiona Harrold to put my new found knowledge into practice. I was at home in my own skin for the first time in my life. I had it all church, husband, children, home, decent enough job, but there was something still unsettled deep inside of me.

What I had felt so good and I wanted to share. I became a school mentor. I worked with children and teenagers who were emotionally blocked and self-destructive. We created the space within the school environment to begin the emotional healing using role play, worksheets, games and one on one time.

Informally I was implementing coaching skills and it was effective. Later in the same job through the foresight of a great head teacher, I had the blessed opportunity to work with parents (mainly women) who could not help their children, not because they didn’t want to, but because they did not have the necessary tools themselves to support their children’s emotional needs. Like so many of us they too had their own emotional story.

They wanted to give more to their children but they had their own painful emotional story that they were dragging along every day. With the results these families were achieving in their lives I decided to retrain. I became a life coach, NLP practitioner and completed my theses on Emotional Wellbeing and use my research in my practice with parents, teachers and managers.

Before vision boards were popular, my parents were creating their hopes and dreams boards for themselves and their families. Parents were releasing their emotional baggage and being empowered to apply for jobs. We became creative in filling in application forms using their years of experience of working in their homes and their communities. In my last 9 to 5 job (no such job when you’re working with families) I became a trainer and facilitator and created courses for adults.

I watched parents become emotionally connected to their unique inner being and their children. Life Coaching has become a part of my everyday life. What I do is not a job-I am fulfilling my unique God-given purpose that I was placed on the earth for.

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